Wednesday, October 29, 2003

This color scheme must go.

Today, it started to rain that hard Eugene rain in the middle of my history class. Guess who didn't have a jacket? Guess who rode her bike back to her dorm in a wet and grumpy retreat? Yup, I did. What a fun-filled climate we have. Although I shouldn't be complaining. It's not the snow and eternal darkness of Alaska.

There's an abortion ban on Bush's desk right now that will not only gut abortion rights, but contraceptive services as well. Perhaps it's a strange irony that UO dorms will begin passing out condoms soon (within two weeks, I believe). The large conservative power blasts sexual privacy while the smaller liberal bastions have condom baskets. I'm just waiting for someone to offer me a latex. Working on the pithy retorts.

Editing a picture of Kyle's toe right now. It's not as abstract/ridiculous as it sounds (well, it IS ridiculous, but a different kind of ridiculous as I drew a big, lobotomized smiley face on it). God bless Photoshop, and the cyber hall guy that gave it to me.

From the New Zealand Herald today:
WASHINGTON - Struggling to maintain public support for his Iraq policy, President George W. Bush vows that United States forces will not leave Iraq and says he has never misled Americans about the difficulties of occupying the country.

More here. I really like the New Zealand Herald. They don't sensationalize like we do, or like the British do, for that matter. Their cover stories are things I actually want to hear about, and they don't have the trouble that both the Anchorage Daily News (of which I am a former employee of three years) and the Register-Guard (of Eugene, OR) have: not knowing quite what to put on the front page. Sunday human interest stories don't bother me, but a four-part series on a Catholic priest who molested children then fled to Cuba smacks of yellow journalism to me.

Did I mention that I'm pursuing a journalism major? Among my many goals, one is to make my work as unbiased as I can make it. Someone remind me to reprint my story about the teen "riot" in Anchorage.

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