Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Condensed College

This weekend and week should be taken in spoonfuls rather than the liters I've been served. The birthday party was fun: low-key, even downright wholesome with the cookies, warm drinks and board games. It ended fairly early (last guest left around midnight-thirty, I think) and that was fine. The morning-of, I was nursing/wretching through the worst hangover on record. I'm still feeling a little gun-shy about liquor, in fact. Joint birthday party, small dinner, bottle of wine...I was only happy to obscure my woes in a haze of baking and phonecalls from loves.

Then the papers. Thankfully, I've been relatively responsible and completed two of my four (a combined total of almost 40 written pages due over three days -- guh) well ahead of time. The last two, not so much. One's done. It was supposed to be about Annie Liebovitz and it was supposed to be EASY. Instead, some grad student recalled ALL of my books and I had to start topicless from square one. So I wrote about cooking magazines, and how A) they're legitimate texts and B) blah blah blah discursive rhetoric. It damn near killed me.

Kill Bill paper in the works. but enough schoolwork. I hate it when school is the only thing on my mind and in my mouth. I mean, really? Parties and papers? Am I that much of a cliche these days?

More interestingly: I'm officially well enough to go back to work for short shifts! Projected date of full recovery is Januaryish.

Rose returns in less than two weeks. Why am I nervous about that? Term ends in less than 24 hours. There must be some crossover there.

My (film) camera is officially shot, too. Kaput. Replacement may be the most cost-effective option, too, which breaks my heart more than a little.

Making myself a steak tonight. My rare-ness technique is now better than passable, so I'm looking forward to it. Mmmm, cheap meat.


M. said...

Oh crrrap! I never replied to you about yr birthday. I had a previous commitment that was too far from downtown to jaunt in and out, alas. But sorry I missed it!

Anonymous said...

those last 2 words are the best thing you've ever written.

That is going to be someone's nickname within minutes. Intern, probably.

Do I get to see you this weekend or no?