Monday, March 12, 2007

no verbosity till brooklyn.

given how this year is shaking out, that my become quite literal. sadly.

Oregon is number 3 seed in their bracket. I need to write 3 pages per day in order to have a draft by spring break. If I finish on time, the Ducks will probably take the NCAA championship. That's logical, right?

trying not to flip my top over this draft. trying really hard.

UPDATE: Holy new distraction, Batman. This is one of those "why didn't anyone tell me about this sooner" cum "I'm glad I found this now, since it's already cutting madly into worktime" type situations.

Both the abbreviation madness and the leggings need to stop, ps.


Anonymous said...

Metacritic is just a giant corporate ripoff of Rotten Don't get so excited.

ps. deleting my admittedly trollish comment won't make it not true.

M. said...

I totes agree about abreviation. Har, har. Your trollish comment above sort of has a point, but also, as a movie critic pointed out to me, Metacritic has a better signal-to-noise ration; things like Moms on the Movies! or whatever that hokey shit is aren't included there. O'course, neither are many alt weeklies, so ... I often forget to read it. Annnyway. Basketball madness. We will be camped out in front of our TV for most of the weekend. You should come over. Actually, I should make it a pajama party and just accept that I'm hardly going to leave the house.

M. said...

OH PEE ESS: Sixth Street (the bar half) for the game today, 2 pm. Woot.

erica said...

I can't take part in any seasonal Madness until the thesis is done, really. which does make me sad. But this weekend may be a possibility.

as for metacritic, yeah, it's corporate, but it tells me when new albums from most labels are coming out all in one place. crap sentence, but the consolodation factor is great.

and I didn't know I got the traffic to merit anonymous trolls.