Thursday, June 21, 2007

now what?

As of June 16, I'm an unemployed college graduate. Flitting off to a wedding that I don't especially want to go to this weekend, although it's in Portland which is some consolation -- the apartment and job searches begin in earnest now. (Actually, the wedding itself is in Hillsboro, which kills me. So far! No car! Drat, I say.)

I've got all this time now, and it's confusing me. What the hell do I do with myself now? The potential internship looks less promising day by day, and I can only hang in Eugene living off of savings for so long.

On the other hand, I can have hobbies again. Woo!

This was going to be more interesting, but the thought of Now What? is pretty tedious and all-consuming these days.


Meg said...

I'm sooo not used to having free time...and also to not already being behind in homework. Odd!!

Katharine said...

Caaaaallll meeeeeee...Whenever you get the chance. As mentioned before, you can stay here for a bit if need be :-)

Rodrigo said...

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