Friday, August 03, 2007

Job searching and house hunting are tedious enough -- I'll spare you.

Fun things I've done lately have included making tons of salsa, entertaining various folks at the house-sit, readingreadingreading, hanging with my aunt (in town for a few), biking my calves into submission, frisbee, First Thursday (holy free champagne, Batman! Plus, floral camo manpris. I didn't know what to think), and the glory that is netflix.

M and I had an IKEA adventure today. My IKEA experience is limited, but I clearly recall a visit to the Phoenix location last Christmas wherein I lost my aunt and mother somewhere in the linens and felt very much like crying to an employee. Place is intimidating. For all that, it was fairly tame -- crowded, but tame. M introduced me to Bilar, which is an amazing marshmallow candy bit that tastes like condensed childhood. Not in a creepy way.

Off to transcribe interviews and wash windows. I want a real job.


Meg said...

SQUEE! I am going to IKEA with Morgie poo tomorrow. :) Good to know it wasn't too bad, though being a Saturday it will probably be a zoo. Ah well, the one in Emeryville that I go to down south is ALWAYS a zoo so I suppose I'll be used to it, haha.

Manpris... *shudders*

M. said...

Hello! Bizarrely, I do not seem to have your address at my home email (daronwy at earthlink dot net) and while I am pretty certain I can figure it out, I don't want to guess. But I have a question for you, Alaska girl. I went on an internet-hunt yesterday for a t-shirt with the bears (BEARS!) and the Made in Alaska logo, but I no can find. (Damn Alaskan summer ale, making me want things.) You know where I can get?

e said...

I don't think I've ever seen such a shirt, although Made in Alaska was its own entity for a while. That probably doesn't answer your question any better than google might, I'm afraid. There used to be quite an application process to be able to use the logo, though.