Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Merry Christmas to me!

The fact that I'm so excited, nay, ecstatic about this shows:

a) that I will likely live and die the rest of my days in the Pacific Northwest
b) I can most definitely lay claim to the adjectives "outdoorsy" and "pear-loving"
c) that I am not afraid to shill in my blog

It's really, really good.

Moving Update: The mountains of boxes are closer to hills or knolls, and every piece of clothing I own is no longer on the floor. Also, roommate's dog has annexed my bed. Or maybe I'm allowed to sleep in her second bed. Either way - cute.


herbstsonne said...

OOH! Will have to tell Mr. Melia about that, he's been energy bar-ing it up lately. Oh, finals...

Did you get your birthday card yet? :3

erica said...

(energy bar exam pun here)

I did! I got it yesterday! It was my first official piece of not-lame mail at my new house. The leaf (nice pic, btw) made me laugh so hard that I had to sit down. That took a moment of explanation to the roommate.