Monday, January 12, 2009

breakfast recipe

3 parts coffee that the roommate made half an hour to an hour before
1 part hot water to take the edge off the above

Add any one of the following

Granola bowl-a:
1 part granola
1 part yogurt or soy milk or fruit or tahini by accident (while looking for peanut butter)

2 parts cooked rice from last night
1 part anything else
dash of bragg's, yumm sauce (if available), peanut butter by accident (while looking for tahini)

Sandwich on Stale Bread a la Pre-Caffeine:
Two slices stale bread
PB & J
cheese and hummus
cheese and that god damn tahini (pathetic leftover salad greens optional)

The Holy-Crap-I'm-Already-Late:
Handful of cashews
Piece of fruit hastily thrown in bag
Spoonful of yogurt followed by spoonful of jelly
Absolutely no tahini
Be sure to forget coffee. Curse loudly while running to catch public transit, as the bike is once again broken.


herbstsonne said...

Oh no! What's wrong with your bikey-poo? :(

erica said...

God. Everything. It may be time for to say goodbye to my two-wheeled girlfriend...