Monday, March 29, 2010

food food food

In the ground: garlic (almost a foot tall!), a few onions, spinach and peas planted just this weekend.
After last frost: Carrots (in between our garlic grid - it's gonna be a delicious plaid), arugula, cilantro, strawbblies, zucchini, some kinda summer squash, kale, beets, pole beans, and maybe some cabbage if I can come up with a humane way to battle the slugs.
Later: tomatoes, jalapenos, tomatillers, basil, and whatever else we forgot.

As I announced to the world via facebook last month, I've gone vegan. Like, getting rid of leather shoes, haven't had cheese in a month, full-on. It's super, and I really enjoy not oppressing other beings as best I can. To that end, while I fully intend to post recipes I concoct and garden shenanigans, I plan to leave the vegangelical leanings aside. There are many, many blogs that are way more well-researched and well-written that can preach the benefits of veganism. That's not my goal with Champ of the Semi.

Illness Drink:
Ample splash lemon juice
Teeny squidge maple syrup
1/2 tsp cayenne
As much fresh ginger root as can be foraged in my present mess of a kitchen
Hot water

Combine ingredients. Drink while wishing your nose would just f'ing drain already.


Meg said...

OOOH John and I make a similar illness drink (we usually use lime) but I always used agave...I'll have to try it with a squidge of maple instead, yum!!

I'm happy going vegan is going super awesome! :D

Also mucho jealous of your garden, we're going to do tomatoes and peppers and perhaps some herbs (peppermint fo sho) again this year but unfortunately I can't dig in our backyard. :/

Al said...

I'm going to live vicariously through your gardening posts if that's ok.