Sunday, August 08, 2004

I love Lake Tahoe. The Washoe believed that the place had powers of cleansing and relief -- I'd have to agree. My family has had a cabin there for several generations, and the general state of repair reflects that. It's falling apart. Ownership has shifted from the Greatest Generation to my father and his cousin. What To Do is the big issue. Renting it out is the main option, but no one wants the place to be treated like a hotel room. Renovations are destined to be expensive, though. I spent half of my first day there digging for a water main. Despite all of the labor that will inevitably be involved, no one mentioned selling the place altogether, which gives me heart.

When I got home, it seemed like everything was wrong. Subsequently, my stomach rebelled. I'm finally getting over that, and I feel light and easy for the first time since my return.

Alison, a former neighbor who babysat me eons ago, is getting married today. Going to a wedding is the last thing I want to do today. Ah well.

Currently reading The Accordian Crimes by Annie Proulx. It started very well, but I think my enthusiasm is flagging because I'm already starting to look at other books.

Work sucks in a big way. Just a month more.

Sophie: Check out the Arts and Entertainment section of -- they have a huge article about Mark Ruffalo.

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