Monday, October 23, 2006

Weltverachtung weg!

My German lit class is kicking my ass less. Es gelingt mir! Ich gewinne! But let me back up. Mom always told me to keep my PMA (yes, that IS Positive Mental Attitude) in line -- there's some kitschy book floating around our basement about keeping the warm fuzzies close and the cold negative fuckers at bay. The thing's in cartoon form, illustrated by an Ed Emberley knock-off, and made a strong impression on me. Apparently it didn't have an overwhelming influence; I can't remember the title or author and I certainly have a hell of a time keeping my PMA even marginally intact. Lately our (more or less) weekly phone conversations have become PMA pep talks. There's a degree of mental toughness that I have yet to cultivate, so it's easy to get discouraged over the build-up of manageable annoyances and longer term woes.

The upshot: It's easier to feel sunny when I'm taking some pride in my scraped-together grade on the German miderm rather than looking at it grimly from the trenches. To say nothing of biking 8+ miles and getting my endorphins on.

Thing is, this goes in cycles, and they're often all too short. The blues strike, the coutner-blues strike, things level off, I get bored. Repeat. Mom says to be pro-active. Dad says he'll visit. They're both yes.

PS. The other blog is folding on account of 20 credits, 15 hours in the dining hall, darkroom, biking, and a partridge in a fucking pear tree. I's busy.

PS Jr. Comments are completely and utterly fixed, so start using them.


L. said...

Oh, but I do believe they're cold prickleys, my dear. That book should definitely be updated for the adult crowd though. Go go gadget side project!


erica said...

done and done. when are you coming my way?

Anonymous said...

swear to god: you had "ass leg" written in that first sentence. Did you edit or am I high?

erica said...

uh...nope. no editation. but I'll draw a picture of an ass leg in that context and post it if you want.