Wednesday, May 16, 2007

my first and last frontier

in Alaska. As ever, it's strange to be here, to be home. I'm always struck by how ugly this city is and how attached I am to it (despite common sense and unpleasant memories.) Phase one of cleaning out my room was a success -- a few old t-shirts and hats will come home with me. Phase two, the books, will take longer.

Spending time with my brother this trip has been so fucking cool. He's funny and awkward and pretty damn bright. I like him.

Pictures to come.

(notes to self: junk email, snoop dog, bikesbikesbikes, and the mountains.)


Amanda said...

I'm really wondering what the Snoop Dogg note to self means.

So curious.

e said...

my brother and I had to explain a joke to my mom -- how does snoop dog keep his laundry so white? he uses blee-otch.

the explanation part was hysterical. it's not quite as funny if you don't know my (schoolmarmish) mother.