Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Tofu Challenge

or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Soybean

These days, I'm tofu's bitch. I drain, I press, I cook separately, I use extra firm (we're talking curry and stir-fry material here,) but no dice. It's gloppy at worse, squidgy at best. All I want is to be able say with confidence, "Why yes! I can cook tofu!"

Not that I'm cutting meat -- never that. Tofu is simply another ingredient to add to my repertoire. Plus, many omnivores such as myself don't know how to treat the stuff. It's a point of culinary pride.

Plus, a huge percent of the dating pool I'm swimming in leans veggie. There. I said it.

Anyway, I'm having a fuck of a time with this curdmass problem of mine. Any tips from y'all?

Also: frozen edamame has sustained me for a week now. Soybeans, fun fact to know and share, are acceptably spelled both "soy bean" and "soybean."

This post brought to you by the National Beef Council.


Devon said...

I've always found that frying the tofu before you stick it in a stirfry helps a whole bunch. Maybe you've already tried this.

I'll totally get in touch when we're in Oregon. (Are you in Portland or Eugene? I don't remember.)

M. said...

The magic trick I learned for making tofu tasty (apart from the drain-n-freeze, which an old roommate swore by) is to cut it into strips and fry it, dry, in a nonstick pan. Then you get the nice toasty yellow outside and pillowy inside. Magic!

Nelly said...

Make sure you're not using silken tofu -- that's essential. Silken, despite it's name, can be found ranging from soft to extra firm but they're not at all good for stir frys or keeping together in dubes/strips for any sort of dish. Get the non-silken stuff (often not water packed, or lightly so).