Monday, December 08, 2003

DAMN. I just typed up a fairly lengthy post and lost it because of this laptop's overly sensitive touchpad. Okay. Breathing. Reassembling.

Two down, two to go. Finals, that is. My history final wasn't quite the horrorshow I thought it would be, but it wasn't a trip Disneyland either. I'm hoping for a B, but I'll take what I can get. That class has been a bit of a bipolar experience. The lectures and discussions are rapturous, but the papers and test agony are downright ulcer-inducing. The professor is moving to Australia to teach at the University of Adelaide; this is a mixed blessing. His class is HARD, but it stoked my history flames (that had turned to ash since AP Euro ended) back to a roaring level of healthy curiosity. I could easily slip into a history major if the J-school blew up. Or if Bush banned freedom of the press (cough). Did I mention that the extra credit question was about baseball? That was classy. Anyhow, had he stayed at UO, I'd probably subject myself to the torture again because I learned so damn much.

German oral final = a gutteral success. It still puzzles me how people can make these noises -- rolling my r's without sounding foolish is still a challenge. I pulled an A or A- out of it, and that's a huge relief. As for the rest of my finals, J101 is on deck and literature is warming up in the bullpen. J101 shouldn't be hard, but grammar is so boring. I may fall into a coma during the exam. I'm not too concerned about literature, although it took me a few tries to type it just then. Not a great sign.

In other, less scholastic news, Kyle and I have a fridge! Thanks to our patron saint of RA's, Marc, we now have a refridgerator that we A) didn't pay for, B) don't have to sell at the end of the year and C) DIDN'T PAY FOR! This guy is a truly awesome RA. I hope the karma control center gets this blip on their radar and showers Marc with lovin' accordingly. We can have yogurt and cheese! If we buy cereal, we can buy milk for it and it won't spoil! The boysenberry sauce Roberta gave us doesn't have to hang outside our window in a plastic bag anymore! (Our make-shift fridge was pretty tricksy.) A challenge: Try living on dining hall food and non-perishables alone. It's not easy or fun.

Zara sent me a birthday card with a funny bear. And a well-drawn bear. Thanks, Zarietta! Related, and a little bit hurtful/annoying: Areli forgot my birthday. I'm not great for dates, but...ahh, I'm being ridiculous. Moving on.

Does anyone have a good name for a small aloe vera plant? Keep in mind 'Al' and 'Vera' have already been has 'King Lear.'

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