Sunday, December 21, 2003

Home is bizarre. It's not just that it's colder than Eugene, more boring than Eugene, and infested with people I know (and their parents) -- it's not home anymore. Not that my dorm room is exactly paradise. This is the strangest limbo feeling: The house I lived in for years is foreign and cold, but the dorm is institutional and cramped. Neither one is Home, and I feel displaced.

And I can't effin' type on this blasted keyboard.

On the other hand, I love seeing the people I've missed -- some are yet to return. Corey's "party" was fun, albeit short. Strange to see Areli (afterward) and not have her yak endlessly about her boy troubles, her weight, and her drama. It's pathetic, but I hope we're not drifting as much as I feel we are.

And in case anyone was wondering, I again secured employment at Europa (NOT hard to do -- that place has such a revolving door) and I spend 8 hours a day running errands, making deliveries and decorating sugar cookies. For once, work doesn't suck. Here's hoping that's a trend.

Posting will remain sparse until I'm back on pretty, pretty college broadband.

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