Friday, August 11, 2006

Prodigal again

Epic burgers:

Take a pound or so of ground beef (7% fat is the cheapest at Market of Choice, but everyone knows the fattier the better) and moosh it up with AT LEAST three cloves of garlic (chopped or pressed), half of a medium onion, a goodly splash of a relatively sweet barbeque sauce, and major amounts of crumbled blue cheese. Moosh thoroughly, create THICK patties, set aside. Fry up some bacon. Remove from heat, throw patties onto the grease. Cook one side for about three or four minutes, then flip and cover. Cook and prod and check until finished, adding onion rings to the pan at the appropriate interval. Top with: arugula or mixed greens, tomato, aforementioned onions, barbeque sauce, sweet-n-hot mustard, Saffola, bacon, more cheese and a fried egg if you really want to remove years from your life. Serve with a salad. Or nothing at all. It's a monster burger.

A good day:

Talking and laughing with new and old friends, homemade spoonin' smoothies, painless familial phonecalls, time to plan out my next radio show, a sunny and mild day, an actual desire to work my brain, finally taking some photos, my favorite beer in the fridge, SEEING SLEATER-KINNEY TOMORROW FOR THEIR FAREWELL CONCERT, a trip to Chicago in the works, and a break from anxiety for the moment.

Apparently the Alaska pipeline is in shambles and London called to say CODE RED! I'm a little behind on current events these days. Ah well. Set lists from radio shows to come. You can stream me live at from 4-6am on tuesdays. That's late monday night or early tuesday morning. East coasters? that's only 7-9am...TUNE THE HELL IN.

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Meg said...

Good god, woman, that is EARLY. :) Can't wait to see you in September!!