Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What I want to be when I grow up

Post-graduation life looms large these days, and I've been feeling awfully pressured to get on the ball considering I have no concept whatsoever of what I want to do with myself. I've vaguely decided to go East for a while, be it for Teach for America, grad school, culinary school or general bumming. Those are the four main tracks right now. Did I mention that I don't have a damn clue about what I want to do with myself? Not one. My mom suggested film school to my great surprise. My dad thinks I should stick to grad school. My brother grunted or something. I'm pulling in as much advice as I can because I just don't know what I want.

Unrelated, but kick-ass: I made a little whirlwind tour of the mid-west last long weekend. Flew into Detroit and hung out in 9 Mile with my buddy Dar, hit up the grandparents in Wheaton (outside of Chicago) and spent two wild nights in the Windy City with the Vienna crew. Needless to say, the show this four in the morning was a bit lackluster in the banter department.

boy least likely to - i'm glad i hitched my apple wagon to your star
boat - march in the streets
cadallaca - out west

ratatat - loud pipes
the unicorns - 2014
hot chip - the warning

kinski - the wives of artie shaw
pegasissy - penis breath
the rentals - waiting
james kochalka - cocaine

tom waits - alice
lali puna - faking the books
house of pain - top o' the morning

the silver jews - tennesse
rilo kiley - it's a hit
oh no! on my! - jane is fat
the french kicks - cloche

dinah washington - mad about the boy
ray charles - blue before sunrise
charlie hunter trio - think of one (t. monk)
golden arm trio - more sad people

m. ward - eyes on the prixe
iron and wine - evening on the ground
kaki king - second brain
the dandy warhols - we used to be friends

the smiths - pretty girls make graves
the fiery furnaces - tropical-iceland
caribou - cherrybomb
the killers - when you were young (radio version)

Everyone needs to wish Kyle a Happy 21st Birthday.


Meg said...

Top o' the Morning is an AWESOME song!! XD

Meg said...

Top o' the Morning is an AWESOME song. XD

floating Sam said...

You can't say Penis Breath on air. Can you? Because I can't. I'm jealous.

I started a musicblog with some friends. You should check it out. And write for us, because I think one of the kids is not, how you say, "gonna go the distance".


MISS YOU. No joke.

floating Sam said...

P.S. All I know re: what I wanna be when I grow up is that the year I took off between high school and college was good for me in a lot of ways. We have time, dogger. But you'd be a great teacher. I'm leaning more and more towards elementary ed myself!

katie mckay bryson said...

i vote for culinary school if you can live by me (or rather, if i get to live by YOU). and if you go for bumming, hey. i might be up for a little bit of that. i'm doing my best to shut out these looming when-you're-not-in-school-you're-really-nothin'-special feelings... but i have to admit, i'm suddenly thinking about law school and grad programs in history with an intensity that had never cropped up before.

wish our michigan paths had crossed: i'm headed there this week with D, looking at the Ann Arbor UM's english program. oh and speaking of crossed paths. you should be getting a letter for me any one of these days that isn't labor day or sunday. i was hoping it would arrive before you moved out at the end of August, but now I'm afraid it will arrive somewhere you're not...?

looking forward to Wake Up With Erica! tomorrow morning.