Tuesday, August 15, 2006

S-K, set list, procrastination

After the Thermals opened legit, some dude shambled onto the Crystal Ballroom stage. The audience went nuts, but they did that for roadies tinkering with floor toms. This guy was Eddie Vedder, however, and the crowd went nuts-er when he got his hair out of his face and gave a little wave. His song, essentially a Phil Ochs update about the Bush/Cheney cabal, was too overtly political for me to enjoy (songs like that just make me mad about the world's state of affairs, even Victor Jara -- and I don't speak Spanish.) But he and Janet Weiss rocked a duet of Tonight, You're Mine. [Actually, I'm not sure if that's the correct title. L? corrections?] The ladies were, of course, the highlight, with high kick, high notes, high times...anything high, really. Except me, since my carmates and I got rear-ended by a bus on the way to the show. We rocked through our whiplash. And yes, Sam, I did shed a tear at the end when they group-hugged and walked off stage after the second encore arm in arm in arm. I hate to bust out the superlative, but it may have been the best show I've ever seen.

I was tempted to play a little Sleater-Kinney goodbye tribute on my show, but I figured that I would probably start to ramble about the concert. Which is tedious. So here's how it panned out. Sam, I stole The No Show. I was under pressure and Erica's Power Hour sounded like a butt rock show.

the clash - wrong 'em boyo
bettie serveert - kid's alright
MIA - bucky done gun
mirah w/marisa anderson - nola

the blow - jet ski accidents
peaches - boys wanna be her
DFA 1979 - going steady
pretty girls make graves - by the throat

caribou - crayon
mogwai w/boom bip - hunted by a freak remix
sufjan stevens - chicago (multiple personality disorder version)
the mountain goats - stars fell on alabama
johnny cash - love's been good to me

the new pornographers - graceland
dressy bessy - side 2
jenny wilson - let my shoes lead me forward
CSS - let's make love and listen to death from above

the editors - french disko
wire - marooned
ann sexton - you've been gone too long

sergio mendes w/india.arie - timeless
the books - ghost train digest
talkdemonic - twenty cent revolt
four tet - pockets

kickball - tides or swells
yo la tengo - tom courtnenay
david bowie - kooks
roxy music - triptych

viva voce - mixtape = love
morcheeba - otherwise
tara jane o'neil - bluelight room

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a paper to finish.

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Samuel "Pumpkin Tits" Parker said...

OH NOSTALGIA. I would like to talk to you! About music! And Tristan Egolf! And how awesome you/we are!

You have my blessing for "The No Show." Your setlist brang a tear to my eye much like the one you shed for S-K. I'm loving that CSS single right now, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be sick of them in a month.

Also, did you hear that DFA broke up?

Also also, I would LOVE to exchange mixes wit u, gurl.

I'm rambling at this point. I'll leave you with a little gift: check out the website I left - it's this incredible swedish pop duo I managed to see in Europe, and they have a lot of their good stuff streaming. Try War on Sound and Field Trip USA.