Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I don't really know who reads this anymore, which isn't as distressing as I thought it would be. So when I say something like, "I've been really down lately" or "the future beyond my next birthday -- less than a month away -- freaks me the hell out" I don't know who's listening. How much they know about my tendency to freak out on a fairly regular basis, or whether said freak out is actually indicative of Something Big. (Admittedly, 9 out of 10 are not at all worth the effort it takes to freak out anyway.) Upshot being: none of this is likely as bad as it sounds, given my propensity toward hyperbole.*

That said, I feel right shitty.

*My most flagrant example being a conversation with Kyle a while ago on the Alaska election results. I'll let you fill in the exaggeratory gaps from there.


floating Sam said...

Maybe it's that time of year? I'm certainly feeling the doldrums too, but I think that's more job-related than anything else. This is your blog, though, so enough about that.

I'm hoping Katie will post something hell of eloquent and make you feel better, because that's what she does. I can offer you a decent example, though: my mom went through pre-med, did that for 9 years, decided she didn't like it, and threw it all away to become a middle school teacher. She's one of th' coolest people I know (that makes me sound pretty nerdy, but you know ma mom). I feel pretty strongly, dogger, that whatever you end up doing, you're going to rule it if it's what you wanna do.

I'm certain you have great plans already, but you're welcome in Seattle for Turkey week, if'n you want. Hope you're well!
-Sam P

Meg said...

I think SAD is starting to kick in. Lack of sunlight and happy able to be outdoors without a million sweaters kind of gets me down. Sorry you're feeling shite, after I get better we should get together and make dinner or something. I have yams. YAMS, I say.

And I read about your shenanigans!! :D So you know there will always be a Meg in the back of the audience waving like a drugged-up ferret!


Katie said...

well, shit. now i wish even more that i had something good saved up.
unfortunately, i'm feeling crappy-verging-on-crying-panic for three out of every five waking hours lately too. so all i can offer is some long-distance empathy and knowledge same as sam's -- that you will, we all will in some way be fine. you know. at some times.

see? i got nothing.

definitely wishing we could do breakfast and talking.