Monday, November 20, 2006

holiday now please

My school-mentality of late has been along the lines of "if it's not interesting or fun, fuck it." Which is fine. As such, my final papers are going to kick ass. The working titles, or rather, what I'm snarkily calling them in their rough draft form:

-Hast du wieder Zeit für mich? Examining and Re-translating Nena's "99 Luftballons"
-Performances of Gender in Kill Bill
-Annie Liebowitz: What the hell is a portrait, and why the hell can't it be fun?

and a paper for my Deutsch lit class that probably won't be as interesting, although there will be plenty of sex involved. So hey.

These should be fun, interesting papers that I can really get into, but motivation is in the red over here. It'll all get done. For the moment, though, I'm going to make some cornbread.

Also: Thanksgiving weekend in PDX! If anyone knows of a ride returning Sunday, I'd be much obliged.


M. said...

Hey, when are you going TO Portland? J and I are debating our Wednesday-night PDX plans. I needs to email Laura.

M. said...

PS. Not that you would want to get in a car pointed north with us again.

erica said...

I'm actually heading up on thursday early-ish. That part of the ride factor is all square. I take it you guys are returning in the friday-saturday range.

M. said...

Yeah, we're heading back Saturday. I was more wondering if you were going Wednesday on accounta we're hoping to meet up with L. for drinks and such. But alas!

Sam Baden said...

I always thought it was so amazing that QT got thousands of geeks to watch a movie that is ultimately about the joys of motherhood (the Bride kills, albeit in more and more fantastical ways, simply so she can watch cartoons and eat Fruit Brute with her kid). Perhaps my descriptions's kinda a trivialization of the motherhood aspect. But it's QT so it's also about toes.