Friday, November 03, 2006

You've got to be KIDDING me

Third car accident in a month, folks. And for the second time, I was NOT in a motor vehicle. This time around, I was picked off the pavement while pedestrianing. As I type, my foot is in one of those big not-casts-but-BOOTs, my hips, knees and elbows are complaining, and I get to chase elusive insurance dollars for what will likely be a few weeks.

I was not at fault, shockingly. Though I may be a prolific and flagrant jaywalker, I had the signal. Blind. Sided. Some part of me broke her driver's side window, though I'm not sure which.

After I got my crutches from the Health Center, it started to rain torrentially. Of course. So I eventually turned around and got Das Boot instead (so much Wasser -- it seemed logical.) That helped. Plus, no palm blisters now.

Since I can't exactly cook gallons of sauce (my apparent manifest destiny in the dining hall) or wash dishes on a bum paw, I get three weeks or so off of work. Catching up on schoolwork -- yes! Not making any scratch -- no!

This is wildly inconvenient. But, as John reminds me, I got hit by a CAR.


Katie said...

um... okay.
i think i'm having some sort of very unpleasant panicky type reaction.

yup, there it is.

please do not be hit by any more cars... and please give me this crazy person's address, because I have a virulent upbraiding in store.
and... i wanna give you a hug.

Meg said...

HOLY FUCK. I am so glad you're okay. :O STUPID EUGENE DRIVERS!!!

M. said...


And I thought it was fucked up that my car got hit twice in three months, even though there was not much human damage. You? Win. Except it's a sucky kind of winning. Alas.

Bier Stein sometime to dull foot-pain and the annoyance of DISH being closed?