Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vegan MoFo Day 19: Update on Project Vegan

Number of pounds lost since Oct 1: 5ish
Average number of meals per day: 5ish
My level of appreciation for the difficulties hardcore vegans face: Through the goddamn roof.
Number of Monkey Wrench cookies devoured: Actually, no more than usual.
Presently eating: An apple.
Amount of noot yeast consumed since Oct 1: A pound or so. Seriously.

The new incarnation of Erica-as-Vegan now involves avoiding soy products where ever possible. There's a lot of soy in my life at the moment, and that's kind of lame considering (a) soy is generally comparable to corn in terms of agroindustry and (b) soy makes me quite gassy. Unfortunately, that's very, very hard. If anyone has new found or old stand-bys on the snacks without soy front, I'd appreciate a holler. (Fruit leather, ps, is the shit. My neighbor made some in her dehydrator and I'm pretty well in love with the stuff.)

Look forward to polenta pear muffins, my favorite vegan cookbook, and a round-up of Portland's vegan bakeries. This week I was lame, but next week I'll be better.


herbstsonne said...

Well what kind of snacks are you looking for? John and I looked through the apartment and we actually don't have ANY snacks with soy in them. That said, we don't tend to keep around a lot of snacks other than chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, and corn for popping (and cookies, muffins, etc., that I make). And of course, lots of veg and fruit. Is there something specific you're looking to replace?

Also I don't know what your body weight is like but I lost about 5ish pounds right after I went vegan because of cutting out cheese. Now, I could stand to lose those (and more), but you might considering adding more nuts/avocados/seeds to your diet if losing weight is an issue.

herbstsonne said...

Just found this!:

Bethany said...

I like hummus for a snack. Now that I'm trying to think of snacks, I can't. I guess there are always fruits and veggies.