Friday, April 03, 2009

Sugarfree Day 4: Ink and Cookies

So I broke already. Three days without sugar is probably the longest I've ever gone, frankly, so I'm pleased about that. Break it down: I went to Icon Tattoo to see the raddest tattoo artist ever (she birdwatches, has chickens, wants to be my mom's valentine and makes puns WHILE TATTOOING) and got myself further inked. Sitting in that chair being needled for hours without dinner makes a girl thirsty, antsy and peckish; when all was said and done, I took the cookie I was offered without thinking twice. (They were wholesome, if it makes things any more forgivable.)

So I traded the integrity of my no-sugar pledge for some ink and a cookie. All told, I've got no regrets. I'm back on the sugar-free wagon, again at Day 1.


herbstsonne said...

During my first tattoo session, I was so nervous I barely ate anything that day. When I came out of it three hours later, my blood sugar was so low and I was so adrenaline-y that I was visibly shaking. Got back to the dorms and scarfed down something. The next time I came prepared with bananas and a croissant. XD It's a good thing Sweet Pea is right near Scapegoat!!

I'm sooooo in awe of your bird. S/he is gorgeous.

Nelly said...

It's lovely. So what's the significance of that particular bird for you?
And what happened of your horrible fear of needles? I seem to remember something about a potential potato tattoo as the ultimate form of punishment back in the day... (although I honestly don't remember the rest of the story at this stage)

Mihl said...

Wow, that looks really beautiful! Skipping a meals is always very hard for me, I would have grabbed the cookie, too. Good luck with starting again.