Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New foodsperiment: sugarless

Sweet tooth is beyond control, and girl's got to get a handle on it. So this month, I'm going sugar-free. Not only that, but as soon as this loaf of bread is gone, I'm cutting out refined flour as well. Operation Save The Teeth is effective today. Look out, fruit. Fresh, dried, whatevs. Ima destroy you.

Full disclosure: Cutting flour shouldn't be too hard, since the roomie is a gluten-free girl.
Further disclosure: The new ladyfriend doesn't do the sugar thing, so I've got a leg up there too, speaking of the peer pressure.

I'm already seriously hankering after some chocolate. This is going to be rough.


herbstsonne said...

Holy shit!

Russell said...

Have you tried cacao nibs? They're to chocolate bars what a shot of espresso is to a frappachino. Those were possibly the two most bourgeois sentences I've ever typed.

Mihl said...

Good luck!