Thursday, July 22, 2004

Guess where I am! Guess! Guess! I'm at Cafe del Mundo, home of the free wi-fi. Sweet indeed. Now that I can easily slide onto the internet from any number of ridiculously named "hot spots" (including my front lawn, since my next door neighbors got wireless a few months ago), my photos are finally web-accessible once more. Which means that my Great Internet Project (or GIP! if you're Sophie) -- putting up pictures on an online space, namely, my UO space, is forthcoming. I need to renew my FTP program (it's a demo), and then it's all ready to rock. Until then, I'll continue to use photobucket. As I mentioned eons ago, the user name is ericarothman, and the guest password is heyjude.

New toys aside, things have been pretty good lately. Although a bit of awkwardness occurred at work yesterday when Aubrey came in again. I didn't realize she was in my line until I looked up to say some sort of can I help you bit. Surprised, I didn't handle it well. It seems like she's playing a game with me or something. An awkward game.

This is the kind of day where it's in my best interest to stay the hell away from bookstores, music stores, even Fred Meyer at the risk of treating myself to a big-time splurge. Which sounds harmless worded that way, but as we all know, splurge spelled backwards is egrulps: latin for "dwindled checking account." But it's a strange mood I find myself in, this "I need new books/music/canned foods because I feel like it" mood. It's dangerous. The old money bags have been fluctuating wildly as I make money, spend it, find odd jobs, spend more, get reimbursed for some things, pay people back, pass go, collect $200, pay luxury tax, etc.

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