Friday, July 16, 2004

My scrappy little kitty got into a fight; she's covered in scrapes and scabs and walks with a slight limp. I'm not surprised at all -- she tends to strut around the nieghbors cats with a bit too much swagger. They, being larger and not declawed, usually come out on top.

Getting back online when it's so gorgeous out is criminal. We've had about two more or less complete weeks of awesome weather (aside from the intermittant smokings from nearby forest fires), and my outside time has been disappointing at times. Blaming work isn't entirely accurate, but BT and the subsequent BT-induced exhaustion are sleep-inspiring, not hike-Flattop-for-a-midngith-picnic-inspiring. But that's just me making excuses.

Natalie left for Europe two days ago. Her boyfriend put it best, "I'm going to miss the everloving crap out of that girl." I'm jealous of her trip, but glad that she's taking it because she deserves it.

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