Monday, July 12, 2004

Part I: The Sweeping Update

In no particular order: I saw Rita, back from Brooklyn. She's living the dream as the night manager of a bakery there. I missed that girl and didn't even realize it until she walked up to my register at Bear Tooth. Auntie was there too, who I also missed. The both of them need to give lessons in awesomeness. On the other hand of coincidence, I've seen a lot of people I'd rather not see at work. People whose names I've forgotten, people who I don't care about and don't have the energy to pretend, people that never gave me the time of day before but decided to become my buddy now. It's quite a schmeet. Also seen at work: Sam Beck, who is nice to talk to. His overall decency as a human being slipped my mind because I associated him with a certain bloc of West '03 males. And: Aubrey. Not sure if she's still reading or not. I interpreted her not coming to my register as a sign of indifference, which is probably how these things ought to be. Work, all of this, aside, is pretty good. Considering that I forgot Saturday's little shift switcheroo with my long-time pal Toby, and simply didn't show (prompting a call and a lot of embarrassment, guilt and tears on my part), yeah, it's been okay. I like my coworkers, for the most part. And it's an easy job. Other things: I haven't been hanging out with people as much as I'd like, and I still have yet to see a lot of people period. Like Ness. And Bob. And more. Tonight, though, I fucked up. I sort of gave Areli and Sam a big cold shoulder because I misinterpreted Kyle's wanting to go home remark. Guilt abounds.

Part II: A Clever Segue

The guilt thing is well-documented. But it's clear to me that I over-react. I felt like crying after running out of paint for my grandpa's fence, for god's sake. Call me the gulit machine. This troubles me, but I don't know what to do about it.

Part III: Realizing there's nothing to segue to

I'm kind of tired, so this may be completely incoherent. But I thought I should mention a few more assorted things. The stain I used on Papa's fence was the color of caramel. I have bruises, but I don't know where they're from. The CD in my car has Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Dinah Washington and Billie Holliday. My parents are driving me mad. I need to put the oven mitt away. I'm re-reading The Odyessy because I'll be reading Ulysses next term. I have the best friends in the world.

Like A-Train at work says, "It's all milk."

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