Tuesday, July 20, 2004

This may take the cake for best opening paragraph ever.

After more than 600 years, it was his handwriting that gave him away. A scribe - who until the weekend was known to history only as Adam the scrivener - so infuriated Geoffrey Chaucer with his carelessness that the poet threatened to curse him with an outbreak of scabs.

More here, for you anglophiles.

About ten minutes ago, I was cruising down C street, having dropped Kyle off moments before. Tuned out and listening to NPR, it took me a little bit to realize that a large Dodge ram (newer than mine, at least a '96) was pacing with me. Its occupants? Two young fellows, who could have passed for 15 easily, staring at me with what they must have hoped was suaveness. I accelerated; they accelerated. I rolled my eyes; they made kissy-lips. Stop light. The driver said, originally enough, "Nice truck, lady." I thanked him and turned.

Lady? LADY?! I'm what? Pushing 20? The big 2-0? Oy. Kids these days.

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