Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bad news round-up

Rest in peace, Susan Butcher (1954-2006). A dog musher par excellence, she dominated the sport during my formative years and secured her place in my personal hall of heroes from the get-go. She moved to Alaska from Boston when she was younger than I am now, looking for space and found national notoriety. Plus, the woman climbed McKinley. I've never met her, but Susan Butcher stands as the qunitessence of everything I love and miss about Alaska. She, like the place itself, had a tenacity that won't leave me.

My bike was stolen the other night, on a meaner, more petty note. Not terribly surprising, given Eugene's ginormous bike theft rate, but inconvenient and the capstone on an already pretty crummy day. That makes two bikes, two thefts. Something tells me that this one, my child and teenhood bike I might add, will not come back (incomplete or otherwise); it's a decent to middling mountain bike with easy-off seat and wheels, recently and lovingly tuned up by a pro and myself respectively. Just when I'm starting to get into bike care and maintenance, too.

Missing my girl in Vermont constantly.

AND I have a yeast infection. I know, I know. Cry y'all a river.

In food news, I made banana bread, but it turned out more like a coffee cake. Meh.

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Meg said...

Hey man, yeast infections suck ass no matter what. Bleccch. Hope ya feel better soon.