Saturday, September 09, 2006

Northwest Tour 2006!

Last night: McMenamin's brewskis with Lolly, complete with serendipitous meeting of other ex-UO English kids (all you have to do in this town is read a thick book to start up a chat -- why don't I live in Portland NOW?) Oh, and a kick-ass concert. I hadn't seen or heard much about the Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players; all I knew was that Michelle Trachtenberg wasn't involved and I was generally ambivalent as a result. Talk about showmanship! Mister Trachtenberg was Hilarious, with Dan Bern on speed sort of lyrics. Nice nice nice.
Next up: VIVA VOCE. They don't fuck around. I think they were my favorite act of the night, between Kevin's simultaneous harmonica playing and drumming and Anita's gorgeous voice and quietly engaging stage presence. They kicked it off with some older stuff, too, which always wins me over. I very nearly shed a tear at "The Lucky Ones."
Set up for the third group was quick, since it was just one man. Stephen Malkmus. If any one person can hold 400-500 people at the Crystal Ballroom in check, it's that man. He struggled with it at first, but a few Pavement cuts and a few SM and the Js cuts later, everyone was sedated and singing.
The kicker: The Silver Jews. I decidedly don't like David Berman's stage persona, like he could take or leave the show and the audience and be totally happy with studio banding it up. But it's the Silver Jews. He was wearing a two-piece suit! And the bassist, whose name escapes me, was completely adorable. It seemed like she was trying to actually have some friendly banter with the audience instead of scampering on and off stage like the Berman.

Anyway, I'm in Portland until Tuesday, when Nelly and I make like trees and get outta here to Seatlle. Spokane after, I'm thinking the 14th. AND BEYOND! If anyone out there is in Seattle 12th-14th, call or email me. We should totally hang out.

Finally, the new blog won't replace this one, but it will likely take up more of my bloggin' energy for a while. And since I unwittingly joined blogger beta testing, I can't comment on blogger old skool blogs for now. Still reading, just...thwarted and anonymous.


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