Monday, September 04, 2006

Our Lady of the Airwaves/08.29 set list

Your public service announcement for the day: If you're going to buy some new music in the next however long, do yourself a favor and get the new M. Ward (if you want acoustic lovely), Ratatat (for sheer sweetness), or Peaches, who needs no plug. The new Hot Chip is pretty sweet too. That's all, kids.

ratatat - loud pipes
new pornos - graceland
viva voce - the devil himself

the velvet teen - false profits
tender forever - then if i'm weird I want to share
the flaming lips - the yeah yeah yeah song

silver jews - sometimes a pony gets depressed
mommy and daddy - street cleaner demeanor
every day - rogue wave

rjd2 - good times roll pt. 2
edith piaf - padam padam
hello stranger - take it to the maxx

the mountain goats - cobra tattoo
stephen malkmus and the jicks - it kills
the thermals - returning to the fold

peaches - downtown
AC Newman - the town halo
sufjan stevens - chicago (adut contemporary easy listening version)

prefuse 73 w/four tet's kieran hebden - creating cyclical headaches
the futureheads - fallout
bonnie "prince" billy - cursed sleep

the hylozoists - la fin du monde
mew - special
jenny wilson - summertime, the roughest time

gravity and henry - march 4th
hot chip - over and over
dj copy - love is my nation (remix of the kingdom)

sonic youth - do you believe in rapture?
m. ward - post war
the black keys - your touch

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