Saturday, September 23, 2006


Two days until:
-Classes begin and I can finally get started on my last year and subsequently finish it. I had senioritis in high school. This is more like a Massive Patience Deficiency.
-I hear back from Stan at the Campus Sub Shop regarding a job. The Eugene job market is more depressing than the Greek Recruitment barbecue that invaded the quad as I was reading. (TURN DOWN THE FITTY CENT. I'M LISTENING TO MIRAH AND I REFUSE TO CRANK HER.)
-I find out just how much more change I'll need to drop on books. Final year students aren't supposed to have huge booklists. That's the law.

Five days until:
-I hit up Vermont.

Round about ninety days until:
-My paternal clan converges on Arizona (and Mexico?) for holiday frolicking.

Two hundred and sixty-six days until:
-Commencement and the beginning of life as a college graduate.


Julie said...

We met after the Neko Case show, hung out a Luckey's w/Lolly. If you ever need a partner in crime for a show or whatnot, give me a shout. Lolly knows how to get in touch with me.

Anonymous said...


ox ox!