Monday, March 16, 2009

recent accomplishments

-Shamrock Run 8k - ran the whole way and finished, my only goals for the thing. Don't ask me what my time is. I have no idea.
-FINALLY returning my library books. No, this is major.
-Brewing two batches of beer within a week, with another to be brewed tomorrow.
-Made and mounted a hanging picture thing/bulletin board whatsit out of an old bicycle wheel. Damn right, it's not on my floor anymore!
-Purchased book club book #5, am 136/500ish pages through it. Haven't complained too much, either.
-Put in my last volunteer shift at the Outside In kitchen. Didn't cry upon leaving.
-Tweaked brakes on new bike. Adjusted seat on new bike. Fell in love with new bike.
-Cooked. (Polenta loaf, zucchini crust pizza with about a million different veggies on top, stock, and black bean soup, among other things.)
-Carried the whole delivery of cleaning supplies (read: many 5 gallon buckets of things like disinfectant and cases of god knows what other chemicals) up our flights of fun house stairs at work, to the surprise of the delivery dude.
-Called my Papa on his birthday.
-Started knitting a beanie for myself. With cables!

But alas, all of this feels inconsequential because it's only 11:40 and I am out of food. My lunch rations didn't cut it. Leftover polenta loaf has forsaken me, and lo, I am hungry.


Russell said...

Cables?! Not crying?! I am in awe.

herbstsonne said...

I can't believe you're reading Twilight! Please give me all the hilarious details. XD

You inspire me!