Friday, May 21, 2004

I copied about a tenth of my CDs to my laptop so I can listen to a nice varietal shuffle whilst I computerize. Thing is, I chose all the CDs that give me those sudden bolts of memory or emotion. Right now, it's "Hey Jude" -- if this song does nothing for you, you must be a robot -- which is a Bailey song. Admittedly, there are a lot of Bailey songs (Scattered and Haushinka by Greenday, anything by Counting Crows or Against Me! or...), but this is one of (if not the) original Bailey song.

There are Bailey songs and Areli songs and Natalie songs and Kyle songs and Katie songs and driving-around-Anchorage-on-a-sunny-day-with-the-window songs, and they're all playing randomly. It's a memory parade. A magical mystery musical montage.

Job status: None, but awaiting call-backs for interviews from a couple places.
Home status: Searching. Lots of leads, but nothing has coalesced.

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