Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Quixotic posts are as fun as the word quixotic!

Lots of stuff to take care of, if I want my summer to fall into place. The Cult[ural Forum] is riding me like a three-legged mule, so I needs to get crackin' on that. I also bit off waaaaay fucking more than I can chew with my final project in drawing. It will be internet-friendly, though, so's y'all kin see what I've done.

In the meantime, expect light posting (not that there's exactly been a torrent lately...)

But I won't turn down phonecalls and me if you want numbers or addressy things.

BAH!! These pigeons keep landing on my open window (the window itself -- I can only see their feet and tails), and they're really goddamn startling. Everytime it happens, I jump and yelp. Jelp. Yump. Hee. Yump yump yump.

This ended up not being a very quixotic post at all. Damn.

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