Saturday, May 15, 2004

Say Erica, what's with the sparse posting?
Well, you know...homework, friends in the flesh, photography stuff, getting re-addicted to a silly computer know, the usual.
What was that last one?
Getting re-addicted to a silly computer game. There. Happy?

Yep. Yahoo Towers has been eating away at my time and brain-cells for a couple of weeks now. I'm going to have to enter a 12-step program or something. The game is fun (although I'm not especially good at it) -- like Tetris on speed -- but, you know, that whole life thing.

I just walked over to Kyle to make sure she was still breathing. She fell asleep with my overly-floppy pillow on her face and looked a little bit too still. All's well.

Over the course of this term, I have watched more anime than I had ever watched in my entire life. Mostly movies, but some of the bits on weeknight Adult Swim, too. I never really gave the stuff a chance; some of it's pretty good, but I'm not about to become a fanatic. Cowboy Bebop is fun stuff. On the flip side, don't watch "Perfect Blue" unless you're feeling emotionally intact. While I'm on the subject of movies, have any good ones come out in the last 3-6 months? I haven't exactly been connected to a TV, which was my main source of trailers. Now I don't know what's out there, or if anything is worth the money.

Massive second-thoughts about staying here over break, but I don't have the guts to change the plan now. I'm not even attached to the plan, really. The anxiety builds and builds as I get continually turned down in the job department. The fish job is a no-go. The wanted a science major. In any case, and totally unrelated, I have mail to send out, including a mix cd for Katie that I listen to and don't send.

Oh. As if I weren't starting enough projects, I'm taking my free 100MB with the UO web directory. That will hopefully morph into a standing site. That, and I've started posting to PhotoPoints, a photo critique site. I'll post links to the latest stuff ASAP.

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