Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Typically, I am loath to spend my hard-earned cash impulsively. I'm not the type to walk into a store and walk out with half the rack and an empty wallet. People who know me well can tell anyjury that I'm cheap. But today was a bit exceptional because the new Ben Kweller CD came out today and the end to the Descendents' seven year dry spell is available now at a record store near you. So I bought them, and I never want to spend money again. Overall, BK's new one is good, up to the lyrical standards of Sha Sha, but a couple of the songs are a bit too love-songy for me. I like it, though, and it was worth the 13. The Descendents...they always blow me away. I get so caught up in their music -- it's direct and driving.

Now that I'm done with my CD review, I'd like to mention that the Modest Mouse concert is this saturday. There would be some sort of WOOOHOOOO! here, but we still have no ride to Portland to speak of. Hmmm.

Oh, if you can't read the writing (that makes two of us), feel free to copy and enlarge, if you're willing to expend the effort.

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