Friday, April 02, 2004

BIG NEWS! I'm staying in Eugene for the summer -- Kyle and I found jobs! The Campaign to Save the Environment, a grassroots fundraising non-prof, hired us ON THE SPOT. We'll be canvassing in Eugene for petition signatures, memberships, and (of course) donations. The guy who hired me said that I could easily rise through the ranks to a media relations position, given my Anchorage Daily News experience. This means that I won't go home, which is mostly good for NOT living with my parents, NOT working at Europa or some similar slime pit, and NOT getting that overwhelming sense of I'm-wasting-my-time-in-the-most-god-awful-state-in-the-union. On a gigantic downside, it means I won't see a lot of people I love until Christmas. So the cry goes out: VISIT ME. Seriously, if anyone roadtrips to the lower 48, make a detour my way. I'll make it worth your while. Eugene is a cool place, and every summer during the country fair, a Slug Queen gets elected. So visit.

In other, somewhat less large news, I'm probably going to take pictures for my friend Hannah's wedding. I offered to do it for free, as a wedding present sort of thing. I'm excited. The ceremony is going to be on one of the prettiest parts of campus this summer. This is another benefit of staying in Eugene.

I have scanned the Portland papers, and I'll post them here after editing. Maybe I'll do it one at a time and serialize them. Maybe not.


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