Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Why I'm a lazy fool:

Three job applications, all due tomorrow, are sitting on my desk. Not complete.
I spent last night taping a broom to a ceiling and playing hall diplomat because of aforementioned taping. Also: watching Family Guy and Futurama. God Bless adult swim, which, as much as I love 'em, isn't enough of a reason to justify buying an idiot box.
I'm procrastinating like a mofo in heat. Bad habits all over again.
It's the first week of the term, so everything goes into the "I'll do it later" sort of jive.

In other news, last night was hilarious with the brooms and exchange students and antics and whatnot. OH! ANCHORAGE OUTRAGE: There are fliers around campus for a little indie-looking gig. Who's the artist? Matt fuckin' Hopper, Anchorage's ego-driven, self-proclaimed rock star. This guy is so whiny, so quinessentially "emo" (hate that term, and a good deal of that music), and so pompous...gragrrr. It leaves me speechless. Needless to say, I'm not going.

Today was the first day of drawring in my drawring class. The assignment was to complete 30 drawings by the end of class. I didn't budget my time too well, but I came up with some reasonable stuff. Even though there are some snooty arr-teests in there, I think I'll have fun with the class. The prof is very cool; we discussed crossing media, and how drawing skills could be helpful or interesting in photography in terms of photoshop and darkroom processes.

Scanned stuff forthcoming.

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