Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Ahhh. My J201 paper is finally finished. I am essentially finished with that class; the curtain closes when I turn in my pape tomorrow and play a cute little game of Stump the Prof, asking my prof and GTF questions about the media for extra credit. If it's anything like the J201 poetry slam (ho-boy...), class will be short. And I will laugh all the way to the used bookstore. They'll pay cash, even if the book isn't worth it. It's not worth a handful of beans. I would honestly take a fist full of legumes over John Vivian's The Media of Mass Communication. So glad this class is nearly over.

I didn't blog on it earlier, and I'm probably not going to blog on it much because it's breeching someone else's privacy as opposed to my own. But I found out over the weekend that my cousin (remaining unnamed, of course) is in poor health. He has epilepsy, or something like it, but that is such a difficult disease to diagnose and treat. Epilepsy and epilepsy-like conditions are often extremely hard to distinguish. My cousin, who is 7 months older than I to the day, has something like epilepsy, and his seizures have been increasing. A neurologist told him to drop his classes (he's studying anthropology at UAA) and move out of his dorm. He's under orders to stay calm and take it easy. Thing is, all the stuff he enjoys (Japanese anime, drum and bass techno, track and field -- specifically sprints) is designed to get his heart rate going. I understand that this calmness edict is temporary, but I don't want my coz to be rendered vegetable-ish because of what the doctors say. Just had to get that out. It's been on my mind. I've known the guy for as long as I've been alive. He's nutty, sure, but I don't want him to be unhappy in any way. Some of my earliest memories involve running around in our grandparents backyard with him, playing some nonsense about Tom and Jerry (our favorite of all the moldering videos our grandparents let us watch -- the rest were musicals like The Wizard of Oz and Meet Me in St. Louis) or kickball. Oh, and we'd always mess with the neighbors' funky lawn ornaments. Canada geese, of all things.

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