Sunday, March 14, 2004

I inherited worrying from my mother. My dad gets worked up, agitated, anal, and assholish, but worried is a mom thing. Kyle's stomach is hurting with no real explanation. (Wouldn't it be great if one's body DID explain this stuff? Hi, it's Uterus. I'm going to be cramping in about an hour and a half. Why don't you take some Midol to nip that in the bud, eh? Or: Colon here. Don't worry about me. I'm just having some trouble with that crap food you got at the dining hall. Nothing serious. Shout out to the liver! LIVA FO' LIFE!)

Clearly, I am tired and wired.

Digital camera batteries may be a gigantic rip-off. I discovered that I can use four AA's instead of two massively expensive digi-cam batteries and save el dinero. I invested in some rechargable bat'ries yesterday. As such, a sudden influx of pictures. I'll post them, but I want to make a banner or something out of some of the good ones. I also want to get pictures of all of my friends and likable hallmates, more for my purposes, but posts-a-poppin'.

Wow. De-gen-er-a-ting. Ting!

It bears repeating that first floor rocks the house.

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