Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Lo! I procrastinate like the mighty oak!

Errr...yes. So, general update. The wedding was, as I mentioned, lovely. There's no marriage on the horizon for me, but this was the sort of ceremony I'd like to have. Very relaxed, original vows, outdoors, and small. Small is good. I met some Rothmans for the first time, too. My great uncle Frank, a former professor and dean at Brown, was a riot. The weather was beautiful and I got back in time to write papers and put on a German skit. Weatherly speaking, Eugene is having a nice little sunny spell. It feels like spring to the Oregonians, and it feels like July to me. Ahhh. And as soon as I develop pictures, I have some nice family shots I'll put up, more for storage purposes than anything else, but if you're interested, I haven't changed the guest password. My cousin and his wife were so happy, and I have a couple of my immediate family, my aunt dancing, etc. Oh. Heh. Thanks to the obligatory wine, (Rothmans drink wine. If I don't acquire this skill by 21, I'm no longer family. That's just how we rationalize it is.) I actually got out onto the dance floor. The dance-phobia may yet vanish. Maybe.

I'm putting off a couple of papers right now; they're more or less under control, but that doesn't change the fact that I should be doing something else. Yeah. Should.

This term is almost over, thankfully. After this, I have no intentions of enduring classes that bore me. Speaking to a professor of my cousin's (who in a strange sort of way got him and his wife together) gave me the resolve to not put up with any garbage the honors college and various pre-recs put me through, but to maintain everything on my plate until it becomes clear that something MUST go. This guy, a photography guru no less, was clearly a good mentor to have (and a good dancer to boot -- he and my aunt actually jitterbugged.) His advice will be stashed away with everyone else's, though. The last thing I need is ANOTHER set of two bitses thrown into my line of fire.

My literature final is a TAKE HOME FINAL. Beautiful.

UPDATE: I'm almost done with one of my papers, so a break is necessary. Positive reinforcement and all.

Fifteen minutes later...I just wrote a tirade about how dorms make girls into third graders (with more beer), and that prospective suitors should be aware of this, but it was way too crass. It got away from me and took me to a point where I was either a total prude or a total hypocrite. Not wanting to be either, I deleted. Now I'm sort of at square one again. I suppose I could still try to rant about the puffery and showing-off that just went on in our hallway, but now the topic seems stale.

Speaking of hypocrites, Salon.com did a thing about Marty Beckerman and he got panned by readers in a follow-up. In truth, it was a terrible interview, and I know Marty is more articulate than that, but I do agree with some of the reader's comments about his content. He appeals to prudery by saying that kids are having too much sex, booze, tobacco, debauchery, and fun. Gee, a generation of young people experimenting with sex and substances...how unheard of! Does anyone see the irony in the fact that he is published by MTV? He didn't exactly score points with me by implicitly comparing himself to Fitzgerald and Ellis, nor by stating flat-out that his purpose at that point was the naked ambition of being a 21 year old published writer. I promise I'll never spout my Marty-spleen again, but I'd like to conclude with the fact that I can't respect him because he used being an asshole to springboard himself to success. And now the topic will never again come up on my blog because any and all further thoughts are just rationalizations of my jealousy. Damn that published little...

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