Thursday, March 04, 2004

Not only do I hate air travel because I have an awful fear of flying, I also hate air travel because it involves so damn much WAITING. In airports. Airports are designed to be the worst places to wait ever. They provide the most essential things (for a price), but it's all so sterile. Especially post 9/11. Safety scissors society. It makes me uncomfortable, and lately tends to cause lots of coffee drinking on my part. I'm not sure why -- usually, I'm not so gonzo on the coffee. Although Espresso Roma makes a mean cup. Mmm. The thought of Espresso Roma and its fabulous selection of pastries sidetracked me. This place rocks. I worked at a cafe/bakery for almost 2 years, and if I can find pastries that don't make me want to jump off a bridge or vomit then I'm doing pretty well. These are delicious. Nothing like the mass-produced Europa mumbo-jumbo. Wow. I digressed quite a bit there.

Back to the wedding, though. My cousin is one of my biggest heroes, and has been since forever. If he were getting married in Siberia, I would go. At this point, travel anxiety and parental crap is getting to me, so I'm trying to balance out the cons with some major upsides. Mostly non-nuclear family related upsides. Although my mother did offer to take me clothes shopping, which is usually an ungodly ordeal (Adam, if you're reading, feel free to back me up on this)...but I'm beginning to get a little more raggedy around the edges than usual. The cheap college student instinct kicked in when she made her pitch: "Free pants? Sweet!"

In the meantime, I have little else to offer y'all with the bloggity. I won't post again, in all reality, until Monday or Tuesday. So take care, and feel free to use the comments thread to rant, rave and roast.

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