Monday, March 29, 2004

We got back from Portland yesterday, and I'll spare you the blow by blow account right here. I'll scan and post it from the sketchbook I wrote and doodled in there later. That may take a while and might not be worth the effort. It's just my little travelogue with pictures and such. Not to mention I'll be editing it for content, you bet your Photoshop I will. Some items will be funnyish removed from context, which is just as well because I don't want to share the context with all three of the people who read this thing.

So instead of my Portlanding, you get the first day of spring term! Gorgeous day, I might add in that special gloating tone I save for comparing Eugene weather to Anchorage weather. My German class is not only sans frat boys, but it's smaller than last term by about a third. I have the same GTF, Maria, as I did last term, and she's her usual perky, Teutonic self. On a related note, first floor has some new students (two Steves and a Simon), one of whom is from Germany (he's the Simon). Interestingly, this gives them two Steves and two Joels, and both pairs are roommates. Marie, my kitty-corner neighbor, got a new roommate from Korea, whose name (this is edited is Jee-Hai) Then Troll invaded the conversation and all was lost. Lost! Back to my classes, though. On Mondays and Wednesdays I go for five hours straight, although that wasn't the case today. The next hour is an english class I'm taking with Kyle that covers representing nature in the 18th century. Mmmm...Wordsworths. Yes, that's plural. William and his doting sister, Dorothy. The professor is a bit school marmish, but, to coin a stolen line that applies so aptly to many things (my mother inclusive), when life gives you a school marm, make school marmalade.

I love that one, and it definitely deserves a line break. After that class -- my first upper-division class ever! -- I have my three hour drawring class. (For Bailey!) The prof seems endearingly anal. He's the artist who is clearly tired of dealing with business majors in drawing classes, and he wears red hi-tops. So far so good. Tomorrow I have my astronomy class, which will probably be huge and easy. But I'm really geared up for it in a grinning, juvenile way because Kyle, Roberta (Portland connection) and I went to OMSI* for their Star Party. That wasn't as glamorous/childish as it sounds; it was a smattering of amateur astronomers sharing their telescopes with whoever showed up. Apparently, in order to earn one's stripes as a gazer of stars, one must take on these lists of celestial bodies and spot all the items on the list. The guy I spoke to had the pin for a French guy's list...I think the name was Massier. Something like that.

Sara from across the hall distractifies me. I think I'm gone for now. Sketch pages forthcoming, though censored.

*Oregon Museum of Science and Industry aka Really Damn Cool Place

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