Sunday, November 02, 2003

I’ve been working on this paper for a while now, and I think I’ve made good progress. It’s a comparison between ancient Hebrew and ancient Mesopotamian societies, based on their respective codes of law. Unfortunately, I’ve come to the point where I can’t focus enough to be productive, but I’m in a scholarly sort of mode so I can’t go screw around. Not that I really have the time to go screw around anyway. This paper is due Wednesday, and I’d like to have a rough draft done today. That’s pretty idealistic, I know, but I’m outlining pretty thoroughly and…damn. Now I’m making myself feel guilty for writing this.

I got a card from Bailey yesterday. It made my day. I need to write her back, but she’s a lot more forgiving that my history professor. She will probably have to wait. Which reminds me, in a gigantic mind-jump sort of way, that I need to call my folks. And my grandma, whose birthday is tomorrow.

The course catalog for UO’s winter term classes came out online the other day. I’m excited. It’s fun to just browse around, even if I’m hopelessly restricted by three yearlong classes. I’ll be glad when I’m done with massive pre-recs, although I won’t be glad when I realize these classes forced me to put off the dreaded (but required) math class until another year. I’ll be even rustier on my sines and cosines.

Is this blog project working yet?

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