Monday, November 17, 2003

Yarrr and yo ho, me laddies and lassies. The feared Sophiebeard has named yours truly the dread pirate Rothman. Fitting, aye? To the two people that frequent this house of pillaging, plundering, rifling and looting: go show ol' Soph Silver some lovin'. Post explicit pictures of yourself. Write a long list of names you'd never give a schnauzer (including Schnauzie).

While we're on the subject: How the hell do you get winamp to not screw up with the streaming audio? Sophie, I went to the trouble of downloading it for you and your .ogg fest(s). But it's attempting to start a mutiny, which simply doesn't stand on my ship. I'm TRYING to LISTEN to some REM here! This displeases the Dread Pirate Rothman. DPR. DPyarrrrr.

Yes. Feeling silly. In that vein, go here. It's hilarious.

Finally, if you had a pirate ship, what would you name it? Be creative. La bella tortuga (reference to Treasure Island, of course), Pyrate's Pride, or Chicken of the Sea, mayhaps?

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