Monday, November 10, 2003

Odds and ends today.

I don't know about anyone else (I mean anyone else EVER, not just anyone who cruises by this place on a whim), but I really miss Nickelodeon's cartoon "Rocko's Modern Life." That show was as fucked up as possible under the PG (perhaps PG-13) restrictions. I watched it religiously, passionately after school in my elementary/junior high days. Any cartoon about a feckless wallaby, an overweight heifer, and a miopic turtle with some form of anxiety disorder gets two thumbs up in my book. I would be happy forever if a DVD collection of Rocko's Modern Life existed somewhere.

The U of O campus is totally overrun with squirrels. I guess "overrun" is a poor choice of words for its negative, infestation sort of connotations. Point being, squirrels are EVERYWHERE. And seeing as I'm in a sort of fuzzy creature deficiency right now (I still miss my cats), I fight the urge to scamper after these little dudes and try to catch them. The practical "you'd never get one anyhow" approach has been working so far.

My typing skills are not up to snuff today. It's taken me a shamefully long time to type this much. I think this is the end for now.

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