Sunday, November 16, 2003

Why yes, I did enjoy my free meal.

It was grey and cloudy today--par for the course, I suppose. Eugene and winter seem to coincide with dreary, but I'm still having a good time weather-wise because there's no snow. The novelty of a snowless winter (hell, the novelty of a snowless November!) is enough to get me a-giggling.

Kyle and I were at a playground today. As she was swinging (swung?) I watched the clouds. When the clouds are grey, I could watch them endlessly. Or until my feet, nose and ears freeze. For a while, I stood facing the wind, watching a big, dark puff of potential rain slowly careen straight at me. My own personal Joe vs. the volcano. It was only sprinkling; I stared it down from its torrential downpour.
After my spectacular eye-to-eye with the Nimbus family bully, I saw that my feet had dug size 11 trenches in the wood chips I stood upon. Without thinking, I covered up the gaps, and, still without thinking, I stood on the same spot again. To me, it seemed terribly metaphorical. To stand and face the downpour, then erase all signs of the previous existence, only to stand there again. Reinvention of the something.

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