Sunday, November 23, 2003

Note the new link. My cousin Aaron is awesome, and now I can prove it. Soon to come: link to the physics journal my grandpa edits (health permitting), and a link to the various other accomplishments of family and friends.

A spectacle that the harsh climes of Alaska do not permit: persimmon picking. According to local expert, Older Guy with Beard, there are three known persimmon trees in Eugene. He and his bevy of pickers (three is a bevy, right?) hit them all, and delicious cooking ensues. Kyle snagged a 'simmon and a short lecture. When I passed by, two kids picked up discarded fruit ('simmons that didn't get caught, fell to the ground and bruised) and presented it to their mother. She was unimpressed ("that's great, hon..."), but I found the whole thing extremely cute.

The blessed Orbis. Sophie, does Evergreen do Orbis? It's a bibliophile's wet dream. One can, with college affiliation (student ID#), access any book the collective libraries of the Pacific Northwest have to offer. I have Orange Laughter (I know the author!) and Fight Club are on order--and they ship in 2-3 business days. Lovely.

Still slogging away at crap of some order or another. Currently, I'm grinding a paper on the Japanese poet Basho into the ground. The topic we got is too simplistic (okay, that sounded arrogant, but I want to make it fun to write not just A proves B by way of C -- I want to think about this a little...gah, I still sound arrogant), so I'm tweaking it a little, pending prof permission.

Wrote a few letters this weekend. If I don't have your mailing address, email it to me.

EDIT: I can't believe I forgot to mention it, but...OPUS IS BACK!! The new comic "Opus" by awesome cartoonist Berkeley Breathed starts today and runs every friday, perhaps in a newspaper near you. Sadly, for us poor wretches who don't get papers delivered to us, it's only released on real, tree-pulpin' newsprint. Here's hoping the R-G carries it...

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