Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Life is very, very good.

Palahniuk was awesome, even though he had mono -- acquired from Quentin Tarantino on Conan the night before. "If Quentin Tarantino tells you not to drink out of his cup," he told us, "don't drink out of the fuckin' cup." Packed into a space that reminded me of Anchorage's Fairview rec center with around 250 other people (by my estimation), I remembered that this venue -- WOW hall -- was the venue from which two identified cases of meningitis were traced. But it was worth it. Palahniuk read from an unpublished work, a collection of short stories. Their theme is "what would Edgar Allen Poe write if he were writing now?" The point is to probe the unspeakable, and the story he read, "Guts," was very nearly so. Kyle and I were both on the verge of losing conciousness or lunch. He's such an awesome writer. During the Q and A, he gave preference to those with dogs, tossing plastic-foam human limbs for fetching. As prizes. As I said: awesome.

In other news, I kicked some midterm ass in literature. An A. A solid 99%, actually. Boo-yah is really all I have to say.

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