Tuesday, January 06, 2004

If I'm trying to writein and fill a notebook a month, is that blog-inclusive or blog-exclusive? Probably exclusive.

I'm currently on break from reading the tales of triumph, adventure and adultery in Mort D'Arthur. I have a ways to go yet, and I've already been interrupted by a hall meeting, so I may as well pull out an update (or something akin to it). The meeting was pretty uneventful, except for the story Marc (the RA) told us at the end. So he and another RA are doing their rounds, and walked down a fire escape onto a floor, when lo! A naked guy bursts forth from the shower, holding a ferret for unknown reasons. Nude Dude spots the RAs and bolts, dropping the ferret, which races in front of him into a common area. Screaming ensues from the common area upon the entrance of both ferret and Nude Dude. The entrance of the ferret prompts a BB-gun toting, somewhat inebriated dolt to shout, "WEASEL!" and open fire. Three people got hit by BBs in the melee. Both Nude Dude and BB-dolt have been kicked out of the dorms and the university. The latter for the possession of a firearm; the former for the possession of a ferret. But the question is: Was he just washing his ferret, or what?

Erica's college recipe of the moment: Delicious Hot Beverage
Take one lemon and cut it in half. Squeeze the juice into a mug. Extract seeds and pitch 'em out. Fill mug to desired drinky-level with hot water. Top off with honey to taste and drink. Serves one or two, depending on how juicy your lemon is. How juicy is YOUR lemon?

No less confused or confounded by life, but uplifted by funny story, sumptuous beverage (which is good for colds, too), and the ever-lovely Kyle, who, to be overly and overtly sappy, makes every day wonderful with her very presence.

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